Sri Vemuri

Mister Sri

Hi there! I’m Sri. This is where I say plenty about me, but really, I’d be way more into knowing about you. Fancy saying hey? Reach me at:


My earliest memories are of sundaes and milkshakes as a child growing up in my mom’s ice cream parlor. I’ve kept life sweet since. After graduating from Cornell, I spent nearly a decade working closely with startups on marketing and growth (more on that below). In my spare time, I climb big boulders and steep cliffs. I’m fascinated by bridges, and unusual words. 19 countries later, I still enjoy exploring different cultures and cuisines. And find that there’s nothing more trance-like than watching bonito flakes dance on a plate of takoyaki.


I grow software companies like Harvest, InVision, and Teaspiller (acquired by Intuit), as a product marketing consultant. You might like working together to develop compelling narratives and launch products, increase product adoption, build stronger connections between growth and product development, and enable sales and marketing teams with what they need to go to market. Approaches like these have helped my work get covered in AWWards, Product Hunt, Apple’s App Store, and TechCrunch. Catch more on LinkedIn–or if you prefer portfolio pieces–here’s a little thing I did with pizza.

This site is built from scratch with GitHub Pages. The typeface is Raleway, made available by Google Fonts. If you have any feedback for an amateur programmer, please let me know! Thanks for dropping by.